Accepted Presentations

Andreas BÖRNER (Germany)
Plant Genetic Resources In The Global Genebanks – Conservation And Exploitation
Bianyun YU (Canada)
Exploiting Natural Diversity For Genetic Improvement Of Bread Wheat
Antonio MARTIN (Spain)
Tritordeum: A Man-Made Cereal
János GYÖRGYEY (Hungary)
Lob-Domain Transcription Factor Family In Brachypodium Distachyon, In The Emerging Model Of Cereals.
The Study Of Root System In Inter-Varietal Single Chromosome Substituion And Introgression Lines 'Chinese Spring/Synthetic 6x' Of Bread Wheat
Søren K. RASMUSSEN (Denmark)
Mutational Breeding For Low-Phytate Barley Grain
Beáta VITÁNYI (Hungary)
Finding A Black Cat In A Dark Room - Identification Of The Mlo Gene In Triticum Monococcum L.
Marianna RÁKSZEGI (Hungary)
Addition Of Aegilops U And M Chromosomes Affects Protein And Dietary Fiber Content Of Wholemeal Wheat Flour
Natalia TIKHENKO (Germany)
Discarding Of The Postzygotic Reproductive Barrier Between Hexaploid Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) And Rye (Secale Cereale L.)
Magdalena M. GÓRALSKA (Poland)
Transcriptome Comparative Analysis Of Rye Inbred Lines, Different In Terms Of Wax Layer.

Wendy HARWOOD (United Kingdom)
Crispr / Cas9 Genome Editing In Wheat And Barley
A. A. JOUANIN (The Netherlands)
An Application Of CRISPR/Cas9 Technique: Modifying Α-Gliadin Proteins In Bread Wheat To Decrease The Risk Of Coeliac Disease In Humans
Guillermo G. GIMENEZ (United Kingdom)
Genome Editing In Barley: Targeting (1,3;1,4)-Β-Glucan Synthases

Sophie BOUCHET (France)
Optimization Of Breeding Schemes Using Genomic Predictions And Simulations
Tibor KISS (Hungary)
Examination Of Genetic Components Determining The Environmental Adaptation Of Bread Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.)
István MONOSTORI (Hungary)
Genome-Wide Association Study Of Nitrogen Use Efficiency In A Central European Winter Wheat Collection
Kelly HOUSTON (United Kingdom)
Combining High Density Gwas And Grain Ionomics To Identify A Major Gene Influencing Sodium Content.
Ahmad ALI (Pakistan)
Screening Drought Adaptive Phenological Traits In Conventional And Synthetic Derived Bread Wheat Germplasm And Its Implications For Association Mapping
Rajesh SINGH (India)
Mapping Of Qtls For Northern Corn Leaf Blight In Maize For Northern India

Ulrich SCHURR (Germany)
Non-Invasive Phenotyping - From Lab To Field: Challenges And Opportunities For Biotechnology And Breeding
Kerstin NEUMANN (Germany)
Application Of High-Throughput Phenotyping To Understand The Genetic Architecture Of Biomass Growth In Cereals
Dries RAYMAEKERS (Belgium)
MAPEO, Drone Based Phenotyping For Plant Breeders

Mike TAYLOR (Germany)
Winter Wheat Breeding Today And In The Future
Sripada M. UDUPA (Morocco)
Integration Of Molecular Markers And Doubled Haploids In Wheat And Barley Breeding: A Case Study From Morocco
Andrés R. SCHWEMBER (Chile)
Improving Chilean Durum Wheat Grain Quality Through Breeding
Csaba LANTOS (Hungary)
Application Of Androgenesis In Cereal Breeding
Inger M. ÅHMAN (Sweden)
Breeding For Resistance To Aphids In Wheat And Barley
Dew Kumari SHARMA (Denmark)
Towards Breeding For Higher Photosynthetic Efficiency Under Heat Stress In Bread Wheat
Mihály JANCSÓ (Hungary)
Breeding For Abiotic Stress Tolerance In Rice Under Temperate Climate
Rahul Kumar Meena RAHUL (India)
Marker-Assisted Selection Of Water Efficient Aerobic Rice Lines With Intact Basmati Grain Characteristics

Heinrich GRAUSGRUBER (Austria)
Breeding Of Spelt Wheat For Organic And Low-Input Agriculture
Péter MIKÓ (Hungary)
Performance And Selection Of Winter Durum Wheat Genotypes In Different European Conventional And Organic Fields

Luigi CATTIVELLI (Italy)
Resequencing The Barley Exome To Identify Genes Controlling Plant Adaptation To Environment
Katalin JAGER (Hungary)
Effect Of Simultaneous Heat-And-Drought Stress In Wheat
Rasha TARAWNEH (Germany)
Association Mapping Studies On Drought Tolerance In Spring Barley Gene Bank Accessions
Murat TİRYAKİOĞLU (Turkey)
Dry Matter Remobilization And Compensatory Effects In Different Plant Parts Of Durum Wheat Genotypes Under Water Stress
Miloud HAFSI (Algeria)
Durum Wheat Evaluation Using Carbon Isotope Discrimination And Numerical Analysis Of Image For Leaf Senescence
Gábor GALIBA (Hungary)
Circadian And Light Quality Regulated Expression Of Cbf Genes Influences The Cold Acclimation Process In Cereals
Md. Abul Kalam AZAD (Bangladesh)
Identification And Release Of A Salt Tolerant Wheat Variety For The Saline Areas Of Bangladesh
Jack (John) CHRISTOPHER (Australia)
Is It Possible To Select Wheat Genotypes With Improved Tolerance To Soil Constraints?
Magda PÁL (Hungary)
Role Of Protective Compounds In Cereals
Ákos MESTERHÁZY (Hungary)
How To Reduce Don Contamination By 90% In Wheat By Breeding And Fungicide Use In Wheat?
Sven GOTTWALD (Austria)
MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging A New Tool In Plant Pathology Research: Visualisation Of Molecular Wheat-F. Graminearum Interactions
Chumisa Cwengile DWEBA (South Africa)
Response Of Newly Developed Recombinant Inbred Lines Of Wheat For Fusarium Head Blight Resistance

Philip LARKIN (Australia)
Kebari, Gluten-Free Barley: From Lab to Market ...
Valeria SILEONI (Italy)
Effects Of Malting On Non-Starch Polysaccharides In Barley
Ombretta MARCONI (Italy)
Innovative Rice Malt Fermented Beverages
Hidayat RAHMAN (Pakistan)
Genetic Variability And Heritability Estimates For Flowering And Yield Traits In Provitamin A Biofortified Maize Hybrids
Naofumi MORITA (Japan)
Dough And Bread Qualities Of Waxy And High-Amylose Wheats And The Nutritional and Functional Improvements Of These Wheats During Germination
Till K. PELLNY (United Kingdom)
Development And Characterisation Of Wheat With Low-Viscosity Grain Extracts Using Novel Alleles Of IRX9 Orthologue Tagt43_2



Conference topics

  • Plant genetic resources: the prerequisite for future breeding
  • New plant genome editing technologies
  • Breeding informatics: data collection, data analysis and data mining in the breeding workflow
  • Phenotyping & Phenomics: from single measurements to high throughputs non-invasive technologies
  • Breeding for intensive and semi intensive cereal production using advanced approaches
  • Breeding for organic and low input food systems
  • Plant adaptation to the changing environment, biotic and abiotic stresses
  • Food safety and quality / Utilization of cereals: from bread to beer

Important dates

Early bird registration deadline: May 30, 2017
Submission deadline for oral presentations: July 25, 2017
Notification deadline for oral presentations: August 5, 2017
Submission deadline for poster abstract: September 10, 2017
Notification deadline for poster presentations: September 15, 2017
Payment deadline for authors: September 20, 2017



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